Staying in Place STL is a full service companion care and home improvement company. We work with our aging in place clients to assess their property and make recommendations to address safety concerns such as tripping hazards, limiting accessibility, household clutter and fire hazards. We also provide a wide range of home renovation services from simple refreshes to remodeling projects. Our aim is to ensure our clients have a safe and comfortable environment in which to age in place.

Small improvements and renovation projects can greatly enhance the property values and raise pride in ownership and excitement for the aging in place home owner. We all have rooms which could use de-cluttering, a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, banged up doors, walls and trim refinished. It is amazing how little projects like these renew excitement in home ownership and reinforce our clients’ decision to age in place!

Here are a few ideas on where to start! Our Staying in Place companion team can work with you to pick out areas in your home to address and help pick out new color and decors.

5 Low Budget Tips to Rejuvenate Your Home

  • Paint a room: A new coat of brightly colored paint can change the entire décor of the room. Include ceiling and trim work to clean up dinged and dirty areas to fully refresh the room. This will instantly renew the room and provide the base color to work around for décor items.
  • New furniture accessories: New lamps, throw pillows, non-slip rug add new colors to the room and dress up faded, out of date decors. Take a trip to your local Target, Lowe’s or Walmart for low-cost options.

  • Replace, clean hardware: New, shiny hardware will accent your room and add to its freshness.
  • Clean up your kitchen cabinets: Spruce up cabinets with a fresh coat of paint or stain, or simply remove the doors for a truly European-style kitchen. If your cabinetry is just plain dirty, use a brush and a wood cleaner to get those dirty fingerprints out.

  • Declutter for a quick makeover: Over time, your home can get cluttered with knickknacks, heavy blankets and bulky furniture. Put some of it away in storage. Larger, clutter-free spaces create the impression of a bigger house.